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Bill Crabtree

Farmer and Agronomist – No Till Expert

Bill developed a keen interest in the sustainable soil management and the science of agriculture which led to BAgSci & M.Sci at UWA. He have had a career researching and extending no-tillage. I now also own my own wheat farm and spend time extending my 30 years of acquired no-tillage knowledge. His friends call him no-till Bill, Bill have written a book called; “Search for Sustainability in Dryland Agriculture” and speak regularly across the globe as Australia’s best known no-till or conservation agriculture authority.

Mr Crabtree was the main catalyst to no-till in WA and indeed Australia, He co-edited “Advancing the Art” of Zero Tillage in 1997, was the keynote speaker on no-tillage to various countries over 10 years, including USA, Ukraine, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, wrote over 300 articles for the WANTFA newsletter and over 400 for media release and as an independent consultant, he organised over 100 Seminars throughout Australia, including; Adopting No-Tillage, Refining No-Tillage, Warm Season Crop Agronomy, Claying Water Repellent Soils, Wide Row Crop Agronomy, GMO Technology, Intensive Farming in Wet Areas.