Peter Freund

Senior Mining Executive – Former CEO Alumbrera (Catamarca)


Peter Freund’s experience, and expertise span more than 40 years in international joint venture executive management – primarily in construction, mining and heavy industries :

  • The rewarding hallmark specialty of developing difficult and complex projects built on forty five years plus of experience and professional development, working at all levels, and managing in senior company positions on challenging projects across a selection of very large mining / engineering / resource development projects and operations.
  • Successfully initiating and developing billion dollar plus mineral resources projects from conception through to profitable operations in Australia, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Creating the critical financial, technical and market underpinnings for billion dollar projects through successfully negotiating with investors and financial institutions in China, Japan, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.
  • Attracting and managing specific Joint Venture partnerships with Chinese State Owned Enterprises; Japanese trading conglomerates and smelters; Italian, Dutch and Spanish steel companies; Argentine government agencies and Canadian and Australian partners.
  • Achieving cooperative ‘social operating licences’ in remote communities internationally has been a fundamental and driving tenet of all successful developments. It has required negotiating with governments at all levels to complete statutory approvals and to settle on governance and regulation at all project stages to the mutual benefit of the countries’ citizens and the companies’ shareholders; and in some cases assisting with modernisation of their regulation and governing laws.
  • Creating the consortiums and teams that are capable of building and operating profitable billion dollar investments. Multiple examples of developing and managing international Joint Ventures has been critical to implementing complex projects. These are the result of bringing together mutually supportive / value-adding joint venture elements of raw materials processing expertise and capacity, with markets and end-users across international jurisdictions.
  • Now using this aggregated experience, expertise, skills and qualities to contribute to other boards executing their roles overseeing executives responsible for growing shareholder wealth, and meeting prudential duties and good corporate citizen obligations.